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What is Hospital Management System (HMS)?

– Hospital management system (HMS) is a computer system that helps manage the information related to health care and aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively. They manage the data related to all departments of healthcare such as laboratory, nursing, pharmaceutical, operation theater, etc

– HMS came into the picture of hospital management as early as 1960 and has ever since been evolving and synchronizing with the technologies while modernizing healthcare facilities. In today’s world, the management of healthcare starts from the hands of the patients through their mobile phones and facilitates the needs of the patient.

– HMS was introduced to solve the complications coming from managing all the paper works of every patient associated with the various departments of hospitalization with confidentiality. HMS provides the ability to manage all the paperwork in one place, reducing the work of staff in arranging and analyzing the paperwork of the patients. HMS does many works like:

  • Maintain the medical records of the patient
  • Maintain the contact details of the patient
  • Keep track of the appointment dates
  • Save the insurance information for later reference
  • Tracking the bill payments.

Easy Patient data retrieval: HMS makes it possible to access all the data related to a patient via a system by the means of a few simple clicks. Information like patient history, current illness, doctors involved, tests reports taken, billing information, and many more can be made visible to the user. These data will help to connect the dots about the patient, like specific diagnosis, related treatment, and medication.

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR): This electronic-based medical record system can be viewed as a patient’s health chart. It retrieves information based on the patient’s name or medical record number or the physician’s record number.

Increased Data security: The patient data can be kept a hundred percent safe by using HMS in your hospital. It can be made accessible by only a limited amount of authorized personnel. With HMS, all the data is stored on a server or cloud and kept safe by just securing the login information safe.

Improve Visibility and Transparency: Hospital Management System (HMS) improves the visibility and transparency in the complete management process and in all records.

Streamline Accurate Reporting: It helps in streamlining accurate reporting with the help of updated and accurate records.

Improved Quality Control: Hospital Management System improves the quality control on the products and services of the hospital.

Improved Management Visibility: It also improves the management visibility of the hospital, all information, and data regarding the patient, doctor, and medicine could be seen by any department easily.

Ease to Access System Facilities: Hospital Management System makes it easy to get access to the management system facilities for the authorized users and keeps it safe from unauthorized users.

Cost-Effective: HMS not only saves time in the hospital but also is cost-effective in decreasing the number of people working on the system of manual entry of data and paperwork. The implementation of HMS will decrease the human intervention into the system thereby avoiding human-caused errors.

The benefits